Afrouz Tavakoli

How Will I Belong?

An honest, humorous and deeply moving account of modern day immigration:

How does one leave a place to which they have belonged through nationality, family, tradition and culture. How do you then redefine and reposition in order to belong to an entirely new world.


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How Will I Belong?
How Will I Belong?

Afrouz Tavakoli

How Will I Belong is my journey of migration from Iran to Montreal, Canada. Through arts, I have sought to share my account of immigration with humor. I believe immigration is a phenomenon that challenges migrants in many different ways, as one leaves her/his home to which they have belonged through nationality, family, tradition, and culture to redefine and reposition themselves to belong to an entirely new world. I hope this book will contribute to our understanding of how immigrants arrive and then eventually they strive to integrate, belong, and make sense of themselves in entirely new cultures.

About The Author

Afrouz Tavakoli

Afrouz Tavakoli is an Iranian-Canadian writer currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Studies at McGill University. Her research is focused on the question of immigration and identity. She lives in Montreal with her two sons. Her inspiration for writing a graphic novel is a belief that art, both words and pictures, serves as the best medium for powerful and relatable storytelling.


About The Illustrator

Mohammad Ali Ziaei

Mohammad Ali Ziaei was born in 1983 in Tehran-Iran, and has studied industrial design studies at university of applied art Vienna. Since 2008 he has been working as an illustrator, cartoonist and product designer in Vienna-Austria.


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Afrouz Tavakoli’s book How Will I Belong resonates with every immigrant who has left one’s home and created another one in a new country. It is a timely book as the immigration debate has taken front and center in global politics from Canada to Europe and the U.S. If you are an immigrant or know an immigrant or you are interested to understand what it takes to move your family across the globe, then this book is for you. It is the Persepolis of immigration.”

Farnaz Fassihi, award-winning Iranian-American journalist with the New York Times.

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